Work Experience

Backend Developer

Orion Innovation

Vilnius, LT
2022/02 - Currently

Developing and maintaining the backend services that power the point-of-sale software of Revel Systems.

Worked on the creation of a Queuing Service, which executes background tasks of the PoS system at the scheduled times. This service ensures that the system remains performant and efficient even when handling a high volume of transactions. Was responsible for designing and implementing the service, as well as testing and debugging it to ensure it met the client's requirements.

Currently working on a Mobile Order Taker, which involves developing an application that allows waiters to place orders using mobile devices and eliminates the need to periodically walk back and forth to a central PoS station. Responsibilities include designing and implementing APIs, managing data transactions between microservices, and ensuring the system is scalable, reliable and testable.

Technologies used: Python, Django, TypeScript, REST and GraphQL APIs, AWS components, Terraform, Redis, Kafka

Mechanical Design Engineer


Vilnius / Kaunas, LT
2019/11 - 2022/01

Designed the mechanical aspects of material handling systems to a given specification, within cost and time scale constraints, and to the customers’ requirements. Was part of a team responsible for Amazon fulfilment centres – worked on projects, such as EMA2, LTN4, LBA4, WRO5.

Typical responsibilities included conveyor layout design, creation of 2D and 3D drawings, communication with third-party vendors and contractors, order entry and travelling to projects for on-site support.

Assembly Technician

IMI Precision Engineering

Bristol, UK
2017/09 - 2018/06

Assembled various electronic valves from scratch and ran them through numerous tests to spot any faults. Determined which parts caused the failures and replaced them. Packed the functional valves for shipping to client.

Production Assistant


Bristol, UK
2016/09 - 2017/06

Operated OMAS ring coiling machines to produce metal tolerance rings. Carried out regular inspections of the rings and logged all of the acquired data into SPC software. Adjusted the machines to ensure that the produced rings meet specifications at all times. Loaded and booked all of the material used. Packed the tolerance rings and booked new work orders.